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Tonya Sapem, 03.02.2014 10:35

Need Help figuring out this mutation...

Anyone have any idea what type of mutation this is or if it's some crazy crossbreed? It's so beautiful I would love to breed him when I start breeding my Gouldians at my job... any ideas would be appreciated :)
Thanks for your time!

Need Help figuring out this mutation...Need Help figuring out this mutation...Need Help figuring out this mutation...Need Help figuring out this mutation...Need Help figuring out this mutation...

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Marek Buranský, 03.02.2014 21:58

Too bad that you did not write me that by the parent bird . It would also be a good description of the conditions of the behavior.

bird in the picture does not have dark legs , flint, or beak . It is therefore not melanizmus . melanizmus causes darkening of all body parts . There are three options .
first one regards dakr factor - dakr only factor causing darkening of the plumage .
The second option is a disease of some internal organ such as the liver .
third option , bird was reared in unsuitable conditions , and this is therefore a temporary modification.

personally rather inclined to believe that it is a dark factor . dakr factor exists as SF - dakr factor and DF - dakr factor . dark factor has free and heredity is dominant. therefore the offspring revealed on SF shape .

I suggest you wait for further exchanges of feathers . whether the mutations or modifications can be determined by mating of the birds and normally colored individuals , if dakr factor transferred to the offspring. in the case of a modification , you should not pass on to offspring .

Tell occurred, as further exchanges feathers .


Marek Buranský

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Tonya Sapem, 04.02.2014 07:49

thank you so much! I posted on another website and all I got was people acting like the bird is neglected and in terrible health when in fact he is healthy as can be. I will wait to do anything with him breeding wise until he molts, either way I would like to get him on a more regular supplement diet than he was on previously to breed anyways. I really hope its a mutation I can pass on... both of his parents were normal colored gouldians, so I guess we shall possibly find out in the next year or two! lol. I don't really understand the part in your comment about SF and those sentences around that topic though... :/
Thank you so much for your help I feel a lot better seeing as I know he has had decent care previously to me getting him and will be in even more "perfect" conditions with a better diet so hopefully he will be more beautiful after his molt :)

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