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Patryk Nowacki, 23.11.2013 19:31

Somthing new?

Hello! I'm new here. I live in Poland, in Poznan. I breed Gouldian Finches (Chloebia gouldiae) for 2008. I have male YB,YH,PB, Dark green... or so... Hi is darker factor then normal green, but it has Light yellow feather on his neck. Hi is on pair with fimale RB,BH,PB,1FYellow. It should by 1F Yellow Pastels males, and green females... Iv got 1F yellow in nest. how is this posible. The father of my male was 1F yellow, and mother was green/blue. Is it posible that bird - male, not 1F yellow, and not 1F yellow pastel could by giving yellow children. He was with female lutino erlier, and i had females lutino, and 1F yelow male! So is it posible to breed male beeng green/blueANDyellow in the same time?

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