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Nektarios Gelias, 07.08.2012 21:10

Your Opinion on gouldian pairs

Hello friends

I am starting to organize my pairs for the new seazon , i start my breading seazon at late September,  and i have some questions  and like your opinion.

I had a pair of gouldians last year very nice and carrying parents(2010 both) but i am think this year i have to seperate them and find  them new pair  for each , that is because one is Purple/White breast and the other is White breast so  i had some young with white breast  but the white color is not so nice and clear on the young :(

So i was thinking have to get them new pair but i dont know if they will be good parents  again ....   Every summer for minimum 3 months i separate my pairs and have  all the Males together and all the females together in another Cage, and the young male and female stay all together in another cage too.

So what you say get them new pair with same color breast and how they will go ? Not sure if i can cross and pair the Father / Daughter and Mother / Son with same color breast?  i think might be too risky .... 

Another issue  i have is that i lost the male from another good parent pair gouldian(2009), you think will be hard for the female to accept a new male ? she is 2009 does it matter if the new  male is 2012 ?

When you start your breading seazon ?

Thank you

Your Opinion on gouldian pairs

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, 07.08.2012 23:13


Dividing a pair of good parents is unfortunately not always the best resolution.

 It might result in the new pairs being a bad parents, it's very hard to find a tuned pair. However, if you think that the new pairs will give you offspring with a purer breast colour, I can only encourage you to experiment. But, keep in mind you might end up being disappointed. I personally would not divide good parents.

Please do not ever cross mother with son or father with daughter, you will end up with degraded (toeless legs etc.) and poorly viable birds.

In regards to your hen from 2009 you can pair her with a male which is at least 9 months old and in a good condition. It is likely she will accept him, but make sure you will put them both in a new cage (to avoid territorial behaviour of the female).

Hope this help and I wish you the best of luck

Marek Buransky

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