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Nektarios Gelias, 19.08.2012 12:21

Gouldian head issue


got this litle fellow  he is 6 months old  he stop the feather change  before 2-3 weeks and his head got    like semi bolt he is like this for 2 weeks now  no more over time but not better as days pass

i have place him with Scat last week  and will  add him again on next week (after 14 days )   have add some iodium ( Venodine V-18 ) on their  watter  in case the miss  iodium

any suggestions ?


Gouldian head issue

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Nektarios Gelias, 19.08.2012 12:23

here is another photo of him /her (?)

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Zuzana Krejciova 225, 21.08.2012 13:37

Hi Nektarios,

Was the bird exposed to any kind of stress in the last month or rapid change of the temperature? What is the full diet composed of?

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Nektarios Gelias, 21.08.2012 16:00

i move the birds to my balcony cage 2 months ago from the inner cage i had them , but the rest ( 10 in the same cage) are fine all have more or less the same age they are youngs 6- 9 months

in summer  i feed them tropical fince seeds mix  the best quallity here in greeece and i have them some egg foood from Wimo exotic wich i refresh it 1 time every week even if they eat it or not , i place them  milllets 1 time a week and have pretty birds pallets inside just in case  they like to eat that too , the watter i change every day and  i have given them some  drops of iodine since i notice that.  They have always rocks for birds and Klaus.  I never feed  them eggs i boil or other food man can eat  only  food in package for  gouldians.  i wonder if  it is parasite or missing ingedient   or   duno what else :( 


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Nektarios Gelias, 21.08.2012 16:36

 as i check him/her   i saw  that he had some litle blood on his sides so i grab it to check it ,  here are some  photos  of that i saw...

this was not   the other day so makes me wonder if he  gets  fight in the cage and that caused him stress too .... 
but he got fight and he got  2 wings sides  with blood ? do gouldians attack  like that ?

i remove  it to a new cage alone for the time been

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Nektarios Gelias, 21.08.2012 16:37

 and the other  wing with blood too

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Milos Haska, 21.08.2012 20:55

Good evening,
is posible that bird make injury myself. I thing injury on wing directly have somethink to do whith missing flathers on face.
But missing flathers on face is interupted flathers changes.
Author of this web have a good atricle about this problem. There is link http://www.gouldianfinches.eu/sk/chov-v-zajati/technologia-chovu/preperovanie/
Whith regars Smidla

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, 22.08.2012 11:41


It looks like it is a purple breasted silver hen, but one can to tell from the photo – is the bird singing at all?The birds moulting has been obviously stopped.

This could be caused by placing the bird onto the balcony, where are possibly different conditions (temperature, humidity, light regime), it's also a new environment for the bird which could cause him/her a stress. It is known that if the bird get stressed during the first half of the moult, the moulting will stop and continue in next moulting season.Make sure the temperature on your balcony is not less than 22 degrees in the night.

Silver birds have usually weaker immunity in regards to stress and they tend to react more excessively to changes of environment.  The feathers quality is not as good as in other mutations - in regards to the thickness and durability. I also do not recommend to bread two silver birds and moreover always avoid inbreeding.

I think you did everything right - separating the bird, treating with SCATT and introducing iodine (please be careful with the dosage as you can seriously harm the bird when overdosing the iodine- less is more in this case). If he was missing an iodine you should see new feathers on his head in 1-2 months. If you don't then I do not recommend to keep giving him the iodine or at least introduce couple of iodine-off days every week.

In regards to his diet you are doing everything right, but try to be giving fresh hard boiled egg yolk with grated carrot and broccoli and perhaps blue maw (poppy seed). Maw seed has a medical and conditioning properties with Oil content equal to Linseed. You could also give your birds fresh spinach and lettuce which will give them lots of natural vitamins. If the diet is good they should be able to change their feathers in about 6 weeks.

 If the bird does not have a obvious problems with breathing, it is unlikely that his balding is caused by parasites.It is possible that he was attacked by a dominant bird in the cage.Sometimes happen that a strong bird - aggressor picks the weakest in the flock and keep chasing and attacking him. Now, when he/she is separated you will see whether that was the case. If the injuries persist the bird is hurting himself and that could be an evidence of some kind of neurological problem or the previously mentioned parasites.

Good luck with that bird and keep me informed how you are getting on with her/him.

Best wishes...
 Marek Buransky

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