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Nektarios Gelias, 03.08.2012 21:01

Hello Gouldian Friends

Hello , my name is Nektarios and i am from Greece. I love gouldian birds and i own and bread them . Keeping those birds is my Hobby. I like to thank you for this great web-page you have made and the gouldian genetics form you have made , it really has help me alot on my gouldian hobby. Good Job.


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, 03.08.2012 22:07

 Hi Nektarios

Thank´s for the praise to my website. It was published not long ago, so it will be yet complete.

I´ m happy that the part about genetics helped you. We work on english translation so I hope that then will be all contents more used by foreign breeders.

The adress of my website is possible to set in google and then choose the translation to wanted language. I know, that that isn´t the right translation, but it will help to orientate in text.

I wish you a lot happiness in breeding and I will be happy, if you will contribute to forum and invite your friends, too.

With greetings

Marek Buranský


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Milos Haska, 06.08.2012 20:55

it is very good see man from other country on this page, special in discusion.

P.S.: please excuse me poor english.

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Nektarios Gelias, 07.08.2012 20:43

Thank you guyz :)

my english is not the best too   so is no problem   :) 

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